The Choice

Where do you turn when you mess things up?

The book of Hosea recounts a time when God’s people lost their way. And they had a choice: Where would they turn for help? Unfortunately they made the wrong decision:

“When Israel and Judah saw how sick they were, Israel turned to Assyria, to the great king there, but he could neither help nor cure them” (Hosea 5:13, NLT).

How sad. They could have turned to God, confessed their sin, and repented. But instead they turned to the world that could not really help or cure them, as only God could. But here’s the Good News: even though God brings judgment upon people who have gone astray and don’t depend on Him, He still patiently waits for us to admit our guilt and look to Him for our help (see v. 15).

God promises throughout Scripture that when we repent and turn to Him, He will respond to us. When we ask, he’ll give. When we have faith in Him, He’ll give us life. When we come to Him, he will give us rest. When we love Him, He will work for our good. He is for us. When we obey Him, He will be with us always, to the very end. He will never leave nor forsake us.

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So, where will you turn when you are in need, when you have failed, or when you realize how sick and messed-up you are? You have a choice. There is only one source that can truly help and cure you. Apart from Him, you and I are nothing.

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