Outdulgent: Lessons from the Galloping Gourmet

Is your life indulgent or outdulgent? How about your small group? Your church? Your family?

In today’s “Moments with You Couples Devotional,” Dennis and Barbara Rainey tell the story of Graham Kerr, the internationally famous “Galloping Gourmet” of the 1960s and 70s. With huge success came an indulgent lifestyle that eventually caused many physical ailments for Graham’s wife, Treena. Along the way, the couple realized God had put them in their position for greater purposes than their own indulgence, so they made lifestyle changes to become more “outdulgent,” as Graham put it, with their lives. They redirected the money they were spending on food to needy causes.

Becoming “outdulgent” brings not only transformation to those you serve, it transforms you (your group, your church, your family) as well.

How have you or your group or family moved from indulgent to outdulgent?

If you are an outdulgent person or group, what’s the first thing you can do to become more outdulgent?

Author: Michael Mack

Michael Mack has been involved in small group ministry as a pastor, writer, trainer, and speaker for more than 25 years. He founded SmallGroups.com in 1995 and started Small Group Leadership in 2012. He became the 12th editor of Christian Standard magazine in 2017 and continues to speak in churches about small groups, discipleship, and leadership. He lives in Pewee Valley, Kentucky (just outside Louisville), with his wife Heidi. They have four young adult children. Michael enjoys mountain and road biking with a group of friends. See the "About Michael Mack" page under About Us for more about him.

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