Brian Jones on Small Group Vital Signs

This is installment 10 of a series of posts in which friends and small groups ministry partners share their thoughts on Small Group Vital Signs. Today, Brian Jones:

“One of the best books out today to help you build a flourishing small group’s ministry in your church! I can’t wait to get this resource in the hands of all of our leaders.”  
Brian Jones is the senior pastor of Christ’s Church of the Valley in the suburbs of Philadelphia, a church he and his wife Lisa planted in 1999. He is also the author of three books: Hell Is Real (But I Hate To Admit It), Second Guessing God, and Getting Rid of the Gorilla: Confessions on the Struggle to Forgive. See more about his books. Brian blogs regularly, challenging Christians to rethink what it looks like to follow Jesus.

Brian and I have been connected numerous times and in numerous ways over the last twenty-some years. Back in the late ’90s, Brian and I met to discuss the possibility of me coming on board with him to help plant Christ’s Church of the Valley. My wife, Heidi, and I were not ready quite yet to be in full-time ministry and plant a church. But I knew I really liked this guy and would love to work with him more. In 2006, I was the project editor of the Group Member Discussion Guide for his book, Second Guessing God. In 2009, Brain asked me to coach his new director of group life, Alyssa Dourte. In 2011, I asked Brian to come speak at the Cincinnati Christian University Small Group Conference, where he closed out the conference with a bang. 

 Thanks, Brian, for your partnership in ministry over the years. And thanks for your kind words about Small Group Vital Signs

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