Alan Danielson on Small Group Vital Signs

Small Group Vital Signs is now shipping. If you have not yet received your copy, you can order it here today! By the way, you can also get a digital version of the book and start reading as soon as you download it. Just go HERE to get started. 
 As the book begins to ship, I want to share what Alan Danielson had to say:

“In Small Group Vital Signs, Mike makes you really think about your small group ministry.  He forces you to wrestle with the big questions, so you won’t settle for groups that are “good enough.”  Instead, you’ll long for all of your small groups to be GREAT!  This is a powerful read that is not for small group wimps!”

Alan Danielson is 
Senior Pastor at New Life Bible Church in  Norman, Oklahoma. Alan has spoken at the Willow Creek and Saddleback small groups conferences as well as the RightNow Conference. He is one of my favorite bloggers, writing regularly about small groups, leadership, mission, and discipleship at Triple-Threat Solutions
I have used Alan’s excellent book, Triple-Threat Leadership, with the small groups ministry teams at our church. Coming to an understanding of the different leadership styles on our team has benefited us greatly. We have talked through these styles as well as our roles on the team and how we can most effectively work together, and we still often refer to Alan’s Triple-Threat Leadership graphic. I just read Alan’s blog entitled, “The Real Reason for the Conflict on Your Team,” and the same could be said for conflict in your group. 

Like any practical book, Alan’s includes an assessment–one to assess the leadership styles of people on your team or in your group.

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