Your Main Job as a Leader (of anything, including yourself)

My good friend from Boise Idaho, Carl Douthit, posted this on Facebook yesterday:

Too often we (and I definitely include myself) focus on “what” we DO in a relationship. God shows us that we should focus on “who” we ARE in a relationship. If our relationship with God depended on what we could do for Him, there wouldn’t be a relationship at all. But as adopted sons and daughters, we have the privilege of being in relationship with the Creator of the universe.

I love this! To pile on to Carl’s thought, I believe that what we do in a relationship should be a natural outflow of who we are.  Actually, what we do comes out of the overflow of our hearts.

This is a vital principle for leaders (Vital Sign #2 of a healthy small group): The leader’s main priority is to spend time with God–remain connected to the Vine–allowing God to pour his life–life to the full–into you. As you do, you will naturally overflow into the people he has put all around you.

If you lead anything–yourself, your family, a group, a team, a church, an organization–it’s more about who you are in God than what you busily try to do on your own. Relax! Be a follower of Jesus. Trust him. Be a seeker of his truth. Be a son or daughter of the King and simply sit at his feet with a willingness and openness to listen and obey him. Then do what he says.

Your job: receive and overflow. How are you doing?

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