Janet Branham, director of small groups at Ward Church (Northville, Michigan), recently wrote to tell us how using World’s Greatest Small Group (WGSG) as a training tool for her small group leaders has benefited everyone involved:

“I wanted to do something to encourage my leaders; I thought this might be some good summer reading for [them]. I also like the idea of maybe bringing you up for a training session in the future and I thought it would create more interest if people had read your book.

“Also your website says that you offer a free consulting appointment with purchase. Is that offer still available? I’d love to chat with you about what’s going on here and also see what you might offer in terms of training for our group leaders in the future.”

Janet is definitely on top of things when it comes to getting the most perks out of the book. In case you need to catch up, here are Five Benefits of World’s Greatest Small Group:

  1. Unity among your leaders. Reading WGSG together creates cohesion between your small group leaders. They can consult with each other as they review the concepts of becoming the “World’s Greatest.” (This applies to your coaches as well!)
  2. Free consulting appointment with Michael C. Mack. For pastors who use WGSG as their training for small groups (and purchase 20 or more copies of the book), Michael is offering a free hour of consultation. Contact him at Mike@SmallGroupLeadership.com for more information.
  3. Group discounts on bulk purchases of WGSG. Take advantage of buying in bulk so everyone can benefit from WGSG. Go here for more information.
  4. Speaking engagements with Michael C. Mack. What a great way to make the concepts of WGSG more tangible by having the guy who wrote the book speak with your leaders. Check here for Mike.’s availability.
  5. Print or digital options. WGSG is available in print or for Kindle or Nook.

If you have any questions about these perks, feel free to contact Michael at Mike@SmallGroupLeadership.com.

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