Coaching & Consulting

Michael coaches small group ministry leaders, particularly those new to the role or who have hit obstacles or sticking points in their ministries. He also consults with churches who are either just starting small group ministries or want to get their group systems healthy and growing. See his LinkedIn page for references about Michael.

Consulting & Coaching Topics

  • Starting a Groups Ministry – Developing Strategies, Processes, Systems, Tactics, etc.
  • Developing (or Rethinking) the Values that Guide a Healthy and Fruit-bearing Small Group Ministry
  • Developing a System for Assessing Your Small Groups, Analyzing Results, and Producing a Plan for Growing Healthier Groups
  • Establishing Strategies for Developing and Coaching Leaders in Your Environment
  • Moving Your Groups from Comfortable to Missional without Killing Them
  • Developing a Process that Actually Works for Launching New Groups and Assimilating People into Groups (without lowering the bar for leadership)
  • Developing Strategies to Discover an Unlimited Number of Leaders and Start More Groups than You Ever Thought You Could
  • Developing Small Groups That Produce New Leaders and Reproduce Themselves (without ANY prodding, arm-twisting, shaming, or manipulating!)
  • Righting the Ship – Helping You Get Back on Course When Your Small Groups Ministry Is Not Producing Fruit
  • Getting Unstuck and Beyond Whatever Barriers You’ve Up Against
  • And More, Depending on Your Needs, Environment, and Purposes
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