Community Life 101: Getting the Most Out of Your Small Group Experience

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I’ve bought this little book by the hundreds and given them out to people already in small groups as well as to new people who were joining our groups. It’s vital for every person in a group, not just the leaders, to understand the healthy values of group life. This book does just that. And, by the way, here’s a little SECRET: Giving these books to group members will help you eventually discover and then develop new leaders!


This pocket book was written specifically for church members and leaders who are moving into cell or holistic small group life (or who are already in a group), yet have no experience to know how it differs from Sunday School or a Bible study.

Written with numerous stories of true cell life experience, this easy-to-read book has short chapters on: spending time with God and other cell members between weekly meetings; involving lost friends in the activities and relationships of the group; seeing yourself as a future group leader; how to minister to others during small group meetings, and more!

1 review for Community Life 101: Getting the Most Out of Your Small Group Experience

  1. Michael Mack

    Here’s my review on Amazon:

    It is critical for small groups, small group ministries, and small group churches that the participants of those groups fully understand the values of authentic Biblical community and take on ownership of those values in their groups. I’ve learned, over years of experience, that when the members “get it” then the groups can’t help but flourish, grow, impact, and multiply!

    That’s why I love this book. And that’s why we bought a couple boxes of them so we could give one to every new small group member in our church. With nearly 100 groups and growing fast, that’s a lot of books, but it’s well worth it.

    Randall hits the nail squarely on the head with each chapter in this fast-paced, easy-to-read, easy-to-apply book. You could read it in the bathroom, while waiting in line at McDonald’s, or, well, wherever else you have to be.

    I gave one to every member of a Turbo Group I was leading and asked them to read a chapter each week between meetings. We used it to launch discussions about what really makes effective, fruit-bearing small groups.

    Buy a couple of these for you and your friends. Or just get a couple boxes of them, like I did.

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