Getting Together: A Guide for Good Groups

By Em Griffin

This book is a classic in the small groups genre, published in 1982 by Inter-Varsity. But it also includes almost everything a leader needs to lead a great group. My friend and ministry cohort Micah Odor also recommends this book.


Prayer, study, service, fellowship, fun, decision making, discussion. People get together in groups for all kinds of reasons in all kinds of settings–schools, churches, neighborhoods, volunteer organizations. Some groups are alive and growing; others are dull and dying. In this bright and lively book, Em Griffin focuses on what makes groups good by discussing three types–task groups which have a job to do, relationshp groups which fill our need for community, and influence groups which help people change. He covers such topics as conflict, deviance, persuasion, expectations, leadership and how to have a good discussion. A book for everyone who wants to be in a good group.


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