I’m a Leader … Now What: How to Guide an Effective Small Group


Learn from the best small group leader ever how to lead your group!

These six heart-centered actions will change you, change your group members, and maybe even change the world!

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I wrote this book not because I’m the best small group leader ever—I’m not—but to help you learn from and become more like the best small group leader ever: Jesus! I discuss six things Jesus did as he led his small group for three years and apply what I’ve learned to helping you lead your small group:

  1. Seek – Jesus’ leadership began with his personal relationship with his heavenly father. So should ours.
  2. Surrender – Jesus yielded his heart and ministry to God. So should we.
  3. Shepherd – Jesus was known as the Good Shepherd and he is our Chief Shepherd. We, too, are called to shepherd, as his subordinates.
  4. Serve – Jesus came as a servant . . . to his group and to the world. That’s our calling as leaders as well.
  5. Share – Jesus shared the load and built a team … a team that could continue after he “moved on.” What can we learn from him about sharing leadership?
  6. Steward – Jesus looked at his ministry as a matter of stewardship. We can learn a lot from his viewpoint of leadership.


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