Now That’s a Good Question! How To Lead Quality Bible Discussions

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By Terry Powell

Updated and Expanded Version


I had the privilege of editing the original version, which was part of Standard Publishing’s “Small Group HELP Guides.” I believe this is THE book for leaders who want to develop and facilitate excellent group Bible discussions.


What can you do to help engrossing Bible discussions thrive in your small group? Now that’s a good question! This book is teeming with ideas and examples to help you lead your small group or Sunday school class — guiding group members to observe, interpret and apply God’s Word in productive, meaningful discussion sessions.

1 review for Now That’s a Good Question! How To Lead Quality Bible Discussions

  1. Michael Mack

    Here’s my review on Amazon:

    Terry Powell is one of the leading authorities in the country when it comes to leading life-changing Bible discussions. His newly revised book, Now That’s a Good Question, provides practical wisdom for how to lead a great Bible study, either in a small group or Sunday school environment, as well as examples and opportunities to practice these skills yourself.

    Powell shows leaders how to make the climate right for quality discussions of God’s Word, he provides all the guidelines needed for leading those discussions, and he helps the leader get everyone involved in lively and life-changing Bible discussions.

    Whether you want to develop your own studies or you are using written study guides, this book will help you grow as a leader.

    This new edition adds two chapters not in the original book by the same name, which I had the privilege to edit, released in 2007 by Standard Publishing. The new chapters offer tips for handling discussion problems, such as tangents, monopolizers, controversial subject matter, avoiding excessive relativism in Bible discussions, and keeping discussion from degenerating into a pooling of ignorance. These two new chapters make the book well worth its price!

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