Resources for Group Leaders

Download the following PDF documents to use with  your small group:

Small Group Goal-Setting User’s Guide
From Appendix D Small Group Vital Signs. Use this guide in a goal-setting session with your group. Download and/or print enough copies of this document for each member of your group.

Small Group Covenant
From Appendix C of Small Group Vital Signs. Discuss and develop your group covenant using this form. Make sure each participant has a copy. (See pp. 92-95 in the book.)

Community Evaluation
Print this for your members to evaluate  the level of authentic community in your group, based on the New Testament one-another passages. Then use it as a conversation starter to discuss how and where your group can become healthier in your community life.

Share Ownership
Use this handout in your group to share roles. In healthy groups, everyone is involved in the group’s functioning.

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Leaving Home: A Small Group Parable for Making Disciples Into Disciple Makers
This little parable-based book will help you and your group members move from being stuck in the same ol’, same ol’, to moving out courageously in growth and natural reproduction. From sitting to sending. From stagnant to healthy. You’ll enjoy the engaging story and get a new vision for your group (or groups)!


More Resources Specifically for Small Group Leaders

Small Group Studies
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Books for Small Group Leaders and Members
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Articles Specifically for Small Group Leaders
Hundreds of tips, how-to posts, and ideas to help you lead an extraordinary small group!