Resources for Healthy Small Groups

I write and talk a lot about healthy small groups. (To see my blogs on the topic, click here.) To review, the seven hallmarks of a healthy group are: Christ-Centered Healthy, Growing Leader Core Team Goals & Plans Authentic Biblical Community Serving Others Disciple-Making The result or “fruit” of a healthy group is a group that … Continue reading “Resources for Healthy Small Groups”

Small Group Vital Signs – Introduction

I spent most of today writing the Introduction of Small Group Vital Signs (working title). I’m excited about this book because it will be intensely practical. From my experience, a lot of small group leaders and pastors struggle with developing truly healthy, vibrant, life-changing, fruit-bearing groups. We all wish we had radically redemptive, world-shaking, disciple-making, growing … Continue reading “Small Group Vital Signs – Introduction”

Should Christian Leaders Set Goals?

One of my hallmarks of a healthy small group is Goals and Plans: The group has a written “Action Plan” that includes a mission, goals, expectations, ground rules, etc. I’ve written about goals, plans, wins, and intentionality often in my posts at (Go there and see labels for “goals and plans,” “group health,” “intentional,” … Continue reading “Should Christian Leaders Set Goals?”