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Resources for Healthy Small Groups

I write and talk a lot about healthy small groups. (To see my blogs on the topic, click here.) To review, the seven hallmarks of a healthy group are: Christ-Centered Healthy, Growing Leader Core Team Goals & Plans Authentic Biblical Community Serving Others Disciple-Making The result or “fruit” of a healthy group is a group that is: Growing, Reaching Out, and …

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Small Group Vital Signs – Introduction

I spent most of today writing the Introduction of Small Group Vital Signs (working title). I’m excited about this book because it will be intensely practical. From my experience, a lot of small group leaders and pastors struggle with developing truly healthy, vibrant, life-changing, fruit-bearing groups. We all wish we had radically redemptive, world-shaking, disciple-making, growing and going missional groups, just …

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Should Christian Leaders Set Goals?

One of my hallmarks of a healthy small group is Goals and Plans: The group has a written “Action Plan” that includes a mission, goals, expectations, ground rules, etc. I’ve written about goals, plans, wins, and intentionality often in my posts at www.smallgroupleadership.blogspot.com. (Go there and see labels for “goals and plans,” “group health,” “intentional,” and “win.”) Obviously, I believe …

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