Christmas Battle Prayer

I was thinking this morning about a perspective on Christmas I had never really considered before this year. When Jesus was born, it was as if God was sending his Son into the enemy’s territory to do battle–battle for our souls. Peace on earth, goodwill to men will come in time. But now there is a spiritual war taking place, a war Jesus has already won. 

I went back this morning and reread one of my favorite battle passages in the Old Testament. It’s in 1 Chronicles 14. King David goes to war against the Philistines, and twice stops to ask God what he should do. Each time, God gives him a different strategy, and David faithfully carries out God’s plans. God’s promise to David is true for Christian leaders today as well: “Go ahead. I will give you the victory.”

Here’s my prayer for myself and for you today:

Lord, help me be like David, a man after your own heart. Before I move forward with my plans and schemes today, give me the wisdom to first come and ask you whether I should do it. Help me through your Spirit, Lord, to pray specifically about your will, and give me the ears to listen and hear your response. Help me be attentive to you all day long, Lord. Then, when I hear your response, help me, like David, do exactly what you command. Thank you for your promise that you will be out ahead of me when I am carrying out your mission and your will–that you will already be working, arranging, orchestrating things so that as I carry out your work it will be effective and successful, not because of what I have done, but because of what you are already doing. Use me today, Lord to accomplish great things in and for your kingdom. Help me to seek first your kingdom, knowing everything else will fall into place. Rescue me from the petty today, Father. Make me passionate for what you are passionate about. Help me move out of my comfort and safety zones today, Lord, in total trust and reliance upon you.

Go ahead and do God’s work today. He will give you the victory!

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