Is Your Group a Romans 12 Group?

If someone asked me to pick one chapter out of the Bible to explain how a small group should operate, I’d pick Romans 12. I’ve decided to go through this chapter and pull out some principles.

In verse 1 the apostle Paul begins by telling us to give our whole selves to God. The application for us as leaders is obvious. We belong to Him.

I begin each day by surrendering my self and that day to Him: my relationships, my work, my meetings … they’re not really mine at all. The small group I lead on Friday nights is not mine. It is His. The lesson I’m leading is not mine. It is His. I’m called as a steward over these things.

Christ is at the center of my life and at the center of our group. We gather around His presence, power, and purposes. This is foundational and vital for everything else Paul says in the rest of Romans 12-16.

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Lord, I give You my body, my life, my day today, the people in our group, the issues in our group, our lesson this week … all to You as a living and holy sacrifice. Help me to be a good and faithful steward of everything you give me so that You may be glorified! Amen.

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