Making Love a Verb in Your Group

Northeast Christian Church is in the middle of what we’re calling our “Family 911” series. Last week Bob’s topic was “Make Love a Verb” in your marriage.

I posted on Facebook, “Best place to make love a verb is in a small group.” Of course, that got some interesting responses! I count 15 times in the New Testament where we are told specifically to love one another. Some tell us to “love one another deeply, from the heart.” Then there’s, “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love” and “Serve one another in love” and “Be patient, bearing with each other in love” and my favorite, “Make your love increase and overflow for each other.”

Umm, I think God’s trying to tell us something. The New Testament was written for churches that met in homes, much like our small groups today. God’s message to us is the same. The church that meets in your house as a small group is not just about studying together, praying for each other, and eating together. It’s deeper, way deeper, than that.

So, the question is, in your small group, How Deep Is Your Love for one another? (I hope the Bee Gees can forgive me.) How are you making love a verb in your group? How are you making it increase? How is it overflowing to others?

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