Leading Down the Mountain

Spiritual leadership begins with the heart to be led. It involves humble surrender of “my” leadership as an act of stewardship to God. Moses displayed this kind of leadership.

Moses returned from the mountain and called together the leaders of the people and told them what the Lord had said.
– Exodus 19:7

The job of a spiritual leader can be summed up simply: (1) to meet with God and (2) to share God’s messages with God’s people. To go up to the mountain and then return from the mountain. To receive and to overflow. (Other great Biblical leaders, especially Jesus, exhibited these traits of leadership as well.)

Have I been to the mountain today? Am I returning from the mountain to share what the Lord has said?

Father, as I come to the “mountain” today to meet with you, help me to hear your voice and simply enjoy abiding with you. I thank you that I can come close to you and have this kind of relationship with you because of your Son’s death on the cross for me. I am looking forward to what you will teach me today, Lord, from your Word and through your Spirit. I open my heart to you to pour into me to overflowing. As I come down from the mountain through my day, help me to simply overflow into others what you’ve been pouring into me.

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