I’m a Gomer … and So Are You

Hosea has never been a Bible book I’ve paid a lot of attention to. Until now, I may have never quoted it. None of my favorite or memory verses are from it. But as I read it now, I’m amazed by it’s very clear and meaningful illustration of God’s character, ways, and love for us.

This morning as I read chapter 2 and let it soak into my life, God spoke to me about Himself.

In the prophet Hosea’s true-to-life story, his wife, Gomer, represents the nation of Israel. She also represents God’s church and each of us as individuals. Each of us have treated God with contempt. I have chased after other “gods” in this world. I’ve prostituted myself to the world. I’ve committed adultery against Him. I’ve selfishly taken advantage of His blessings and spent them on the lusts of this world. I’m a Gomer … and so are you. (I’m also a Goober … but that’s another story entirely.)

The story of Hosea is this: God comes after us. Even when we have sinned and treated Him with contempt, as Gomer (Israel) had, he seeks after us to win us back. Gaaw-aawl-ly!

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As you read trough Hosea 2, especially beginning in verse 14, notice that all the actions (“I will …”) begin with God, not us. God pursues us. He returns our blessings to us and transforms our lives. He causes us to “forget” our “Baal images.” Not only that, but someday God will restore His creation to it’s original state and put an end to all wars. The point is that no matter how bad things seem to be in this world, God is still ultimately in charge and will someday redeem and restore all things. Neither individuals, governments, nor any force in this world, including Satan, are really in control. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

This whole passage reminds us of God’s promises. He says, “I will,” and by faith, we believe He will. God extends His covenant to us. He woos us, pursues us, faithfully loves us despite our unfaithfulness to Him. Shazam! 

Father, thank you for wooing me. I’m sorry for the ways I’ve run after other “gods,” trying to satisfy my lusts with other things. I’m sorry for prostituting myself to this world and committing adultery against you. I’m amazed that you still want me and that you pursue me as you do. You have been faithful to me even when I have taken your blessings and used them for my own worldly satisfaction. Father, I accept your faithful love for me. I am yours, all yours. You are my God. You are my only God! Lord, I know you will transform my troubles into opportunities for joy and hope and peace and life to the full. I believe that you can and will help me to turn from my temptations and sin and, only by your awesome power, to live a holy and blameless life. Father, I admit my own powerlessness over all these other gods that woo me, and I submit to your power in my life–your holiness, your ways. Thank You, Father for the way you are planting joy and goodness and love in my life through Your Spirit. Thank You for Your love for me. I am Yours. You are my God!

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