Hosea 14 Prayer

My Father, I confess that going my own way has brought me down. I have suffered the consequences of trying to go my own way without You. So now once again I return to You. Forgive me of my sins and graciously receive me, so that I may offer you a sacrifice of praise.

Government programs can’t save me, nor can my own strength or intelligence. Never again will I make a god out of anything or anyone else.

Thank You, Father, for Your love and longsuffering for me. I know that nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate me from your love. Thank You for your complete healing of my faithlessness. You, O Lord, are like a refreshing dew from heaven!

Father, deliver me from evil, help me stay away from anything that competes with my devotion to You. You alone are my God. You alone are the One who truly looks after me and cares for me. Your paths, O God, are true and right.

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