I Want to Be a Remnant

Today’s Bible Passage: Amos 9

Scripture: “In that day I will restore the fallen kingdom of David. It is now like a house in ruins, but I will rebuild its walls and restore its former glory.” Amos 9:11

In this chapter, God has given Israel 4 affirmations of things he would do. The first 3 are negative. They basically say God will destroy Israel. He will hunt them down no matter where they go and make them face the consequences of their sinful behavior. But the last affirmation is positive. He will rebuild and restore the kingdom to what it was meant to be.

God is a God of rebuilding and restoration. He does the same in our churches and our lives. A very important and telling phrase in this passage is in the last verse of this book: “… says the Lord your God.” Your God. God is personal. He loves us and came to give us an abundant life. Verses 13-15 illustrate the abundance God wants to provide for us who follow him.

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The promises of God are given to those who are not destroyed in his first 3 affirmations. God will judge fairly. He will separate the chaff from the wheat, the goats from the sheep. He will do this in a personal way, not on outward commitments and pledges, but on the true condition of our hearts. He knows us more and better than anyone.

I want to be a remnant! After God has separated out all the fakes and phonies, I want to be left standing, a man after God’s own heart. Not perfect in my own right, but forgiven and perfected (made holy, sanctified) by the Holy Spirit.

My Father, I thank you today that I can call you “my God.” Lord, I want to be a man after your own heart. No hypocrisy. No faking, no phoniness. I want to be an authentic follower of Jesus, period. Help me to be exactly what you made me to be. Lord, God, it is yours to judge. It is yours to separate the fakes from the followers. I want to be left standing with you as your remnant when all is said and done. Only by your grace, your power through your Holy Spirit alive within me, can this be accomplished.

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