Small Group Vital Signs – Introduction

I spent most of today writing the Introduction of Small Group Vital Signs (working title). I’m excited about this book because it will be intensely practical. From my experience, a lot of small group leaders and pastors struggle with developing truly healthy, vibrant, life-changing, fruit-bearing groups. We all wish we had radically redemptive, world-shaking, disciple-making, growing and going missional groups, just like in the Book of Acts. Reality is far different for most of us, however.

So how do we proceed? What can we do to move our groups from unhealthy to healthy to dynamic? What are the vital signs? Well, that’s the topic of the book. I’ve been blogging about this on and off now for the last year. Click HERE to view posts about “group health.”

By the way, I’m trying to come up with a working subtitle, something like: “7 all-natural cures for what ails your small group” or “7 action steps to radically transform your small group” or … well, what do you think?

I’ll give you a free book when published if we use your subtitle!

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I’m planning to share thoughts about this book as I go. Stay tuned!

2 Thoughts to “Small Group Vital Signs – Introduction”

  1. Dan Brubacher

    Michael, this sounds like a great book. I look forward to reading it when it comes out. I have appreciated other of your writings.

    Just a thought: Do you think it might be a bit repetitive to have "small group" in both the title and subtitle? You current examples would have it in both places.

    Here are a few suggestions from my end:

    "7 Measures of Small Group Health"
    "7 Ways to Know If Your Group Is Healthy"
    "7 Evidences of a Healthy Group"
    "7 Measures of Small Group Vitality"

    Or some variation thereof.


  2. Thanks, Dan! Appreciate your comments. While the editor will make the final decision about the title and subtitle, I wanted to get some input and buy-in from readers. I like your ideas, and we'll definitely use "small gorups" only in the title. Good catch!

    I'm hoping others will join in as well with subtitle ideas!

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