Here are my favorite 20 posts by some of my favorite bloggers last year.

  1. Tattoo Man, Brian Jones
  2. Enchi-fricken-ladas, Alan Danielson
  3. Burritos, John Eldridge
  4. Thou Shalt Offend Pharisees, Mark Batterson
  5. Form Without Presence, Scott Boren
  6. Potential = Purity, Mark Batterson
  7. Great Leaders Challenge “The King,” Scott Williams
  8. Christian Schwarz Got It Right, Randall Neighbour
  9. The Most Overrated Church Comment, Alan Danielson
  10. John Ortberg and Spiritual Growth, Ben Reed
  11. The Ten Reasons Small Groups Are the Primary Way to Change the World in a Post Post-Modern Era, Rick Howerton (The Gypsy Road)
  12. Reasons People Think Their Small Group Failed, Ben Reed
  13. Why Groups Fail, Ben Reed
  14. The Agent of Mission, Scott Boren
  15. Community Is Messy, Part 2: Sweat, Heather Zempel
  16. First Small Group Gathering Ever, Alan Danielson
  17. Healing the Past, John Eldridge
  18. What No One Told Me, Heather Zempel
  19. The Moment of Conception, Mark Batterson
  20. Matt Carter: Transitioning “small group” to “missional community”, Ben Reed
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