Life Group of the Week

We’re starting something new at Northeast Christian Church this week: Life Group of the Week. The idea came out of a brainstorm by our Life Group Ministry Team, and we’ve been working up to this week for several months. 

We promote the group of the week in our worship guide, on the side screens at the beginning of the weekend service, in our NECCWired email blast to all members, and on our web site. The group makes a poster and handouts, and hangs out at our booth after each weekend service to meet people. Some groups are planning to make brownies or cookies to offer some hospitality (and entice people over) as well. I also share about their group in our weekly “LifeLines” newsletter that goes to all Life Group Leaders.

The groups who have signed up to be the Group of the Week so far are enthusiastic about it. It’s not only an opportunity for their groups to be recognized, but also to promote their groups and share with other groups what’s working. I visit each group a couple weeks before, and as these groups plan for their week, it forces them to rethink why their group exists and how they can invite and welcome new people. Best of all, they’re having fun!

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