The Waiting – Part 2: Betty White or LeBron James?

If you were choosing up sides for a basketball team and you could pick between Betty White and Lebron James, who would you choose? I like Betty White, but I’m going into battle with Lebron!

In Isaiah 31, the people of Judah chose to trust in the Egyptian government and army rather than God. Bad choice. Isaiah said, “For these Egyptians are mere humans, not God! Their horses are puny flesh, not mighty spirits!” (v. 3). Now, LeBron is far from God, of course, which makes this choice even clearer.

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Who am I looking to for help rather than God? Who or what am I trusting rather than the Lord of the angel armies? This ought to be just good common sense!

Why do we waste so much money, time, and energy by running to the world rather than God? We buy self-help books, which are really no help at all. We look for human beings to fill us up and make us happy, when only God can fill in those empty places in our hearts. We look for happiness in entertainment and recreation, and, while those things are not bad in and of themselves, they cannot offer real joy and contentment. We turn to Facebook to give our life meaning when only God can do that.

Especially as I go through a time of waiting in my life,  I have an opportunity to choose up sides. Who or what will I pick  today? Who will I trust? In whom will I put my hope? I will choose the Lord!

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Where do you find yourself putting your trust and hope? Why?

How can putting your trust in God alone help you in your waiting?

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