What Heather Zempel Has to Say About Small Group Vital Signs

I’m sharing what a few of my friends and small group ministry partners have said about my newest book, Small Group Vital Signs. Last time, Jon Ferguson shared his thoughts. Today, I’m honored to have Heather Zempel weigh in.
“For the Body of Christ to function as it was designed, we need to give ourselves regular check-ups. In Small Group Vital Signs, Mack clears away a lot of the clutter that has clouded our understanding of building healthy community and moves us back to the priority of centering our lives around Christ. With these practical and biblically rooted diagnostic tools and questions, we can assess our health and vitality as individual leaders and as life-giving communities.”
Heather is Discipleship Pastor at National Community Church and author of Sacred Roads and Community is Messy.She describes herself on her blog as Environmental Engineer, Senate Policy Advisor, LSU Grad, Southerner, Discipleship Pastor, Star Wars Geek, T-ball All Star, Theatre Nerd, Connoisseur of Fried Dill Pickles, Wife and Biggest Fan of Ryan Zempel. 

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