What Ben Reed Has to Say About Small Group Vital Signs

I’m sharing some of the nice words my friends and small group ministry colleagues are saying about Small Group Vital Signs. Today, Ben Reed:
“There are certain questions that keep me up at night. ‘Is my small group really healthy?’ happens to be one of them. I am not shooting for a ‘good’ small group, but a ‘great’ one that is a God-centered reflection of who and what He intends small groups to be. I’m so indebted for Mike’s work in Small Group Vital Signs, that’s helping me ensure my group(s) pursue health.”

Ben Reed is Community Groups Pastor at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee. He’s also one of my favorite bloggers (at Life & Theology: Musings of a Young Pastor) and at least one of the top three people I quote constantly. His writings influenced several chapters of Small Group Vital Signs, so I’m greatly indebted to Ben. 

One Thought to “What Ben Reed Has to Say About Small Group Vital Signs”

  1. I'm honored, Mike!

    Praying that the book takes off…not for your fame, but for the good of local churches & small groups worldwide.

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