Saddleback’s Rick Zeiger on Small Group Vital Signs

I visited Saddleback Church a number of years ago and felt overwhelmed, not just by the enormity of the place and the number of people, but also by the quality of everything they did. I was greeted in the parking lot by warm, friendly, Hawaiian-shirt clad folks in the parking lot and along the sidewalks leading up to the building. Once inside, I found it easy to find my way and find out more about the church. It was impossible to miss the fact that small groups were a major part of this church’s life. I saw it at a kiosk set up outside the building and in the foyer, and heard it several times in the service, especially from Rick Warren.That day I just happened to run into Brett Eastman, and spent some time talking about small groups and ministry.

I’ve followed Saddleback and their small group story for many years and have learned a lot from them. I’m currently part of the PurposeDriven Small Group Network, a great place to build relationships with other small groups point people and share ideas. Today, one of Saddleback’s area small groups pastors shares his thoughts on Small Group Vital Signs:

“What a fantastic contribution to the small group world. Michael Mack’s strong theological framework and unrelenting emphasis on the importance of a Christ centered and spiritually healthy group leader is the launching point to authentic community. This powerful book goes beyond mere group life theory; it is packed with practical tools and relevant life experiences that will transform any small group ministry. Mack’s health indicators are not a program to be studied but a lifestyle to embody and a must for all who lead others. I look forward to this book’s impact on your leaders and the life changing ripple effect it will have in the kingdom of God.”
Rick Zeiger is a Small Group Area Pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. His interests include the Bible, baseball, books, body surfing, beach cruisers, and building things. Apparently, Rick’s interests are limited to B things! Oh yeah, and one more “B”: Check out his Blog at “The Christ Adventure.”

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