Reid Smith on Small Group Vital Signs

I’m excited to see that churches, groups, and individuals are not only reading Small Group Vital Signs but actually starting to use it in their ministries. I’ve had the opportunity to talk through it with a college class studying small groups as well as a group of small group ministers in Central Ohio. Today, I’m sharing the words of one of the coolest guys on the planet and someone who really knows about small groups, Reid Smith:

We all want our leadership and our groups to be overflowing with God’s transformational, reproducing power. Michael doesn’t mince words on what it takes to get there. Whether it’s for the new or veteran group leader, look no further for a guide that is both practical and insightful as it draws from the Bible’s unlimited reservoir of wisdom.
A generous disclosure of Christ-centered principles that will cultivate health in new groups and rekindle God’s fire in existing ones. Look no further for a book that is practical without being boring and comprehensive without being shallow.
Michael continues his legacy of resourcing the Church with biblical keys to foster transformational leadership and group dynamics. Taken to heart, this reliable guide will revolutionize your personal or church’s group-life because it’s grounded in God’s Word and focuses on health. 

Reid Smith is Director of Adult Ministries at
the 20,000 member multi-site Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach, Florida. He is a regular contributing author to and through his small group training and resource ministry called 2orMore.  

Reid is also on Twitter and Facebook. I love reading Reid’s blog. He challenges my thinking about discipleship, small groups, and community. Be sure to add Reid to your people to follow. I promise you’ll learn from him!

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