Summer Small Groups: Some’re Here, Some Aren’t

What is your small group doing this summer? Did you know that summer can actually be the BEST time for small groups? It’s a great time to get outside together, serve together, do more socially together, play together, learn some new things together. What’s the key word here? That’s right … together! Here are some ideas:

  • Pull out your calendars now to plan when you will and won’t meet over the summer.
  • Make a commitment to one another to be there whenever possible.
  • Go on trips together: camping, vacation, etc.
  • Lighten up the Bible study for the summer and do some devotional stuff together.
  • Do more Bible do’s rather than Bible studies.
  • Meet on the deck, back porch, or at a park.
  • Study the one another passages from the New Testament over the summer, and do each of them in a creative way. A group I led did this one year. We rotated homes and whoever hosted planned the “one another” study and application. One week we served one another by washing each others’ cars. Another week we encouraged one another by doing a fun affirmation exercise. Another week we spoke to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs by having a creative worship time at a park. Every week we offered hospitality to one another without grumbling!
  • Serve together. There are lots of great serving projects you can do, especially outside, over the summer. Need ideas? Go to Steve Sjogren’s Servant Evangelism Page for hundreds of them!
  • Have fun!
  • Invite some friends who are not in a small group (or a church) to join you!
  • Go fishing together (or biking, hiking, swimming, rock climbing skydiving, etc.)
  • Get the kids more involved over the summer.
  • Add your ideas! Please respond to this post and add your own ideas for summer fun, discipleship, and outreach. 

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