Step-by-Step Trust

Jesus calls you and me to follow him on this path of life, and that decision takes trust. Not just that first primary decision to start following him, but also the daily, minute-by-minute, step-by-step decisions to follow him.

As I’ve read through the Psalms lately, trust is a continual refrain. In fact, it’s a refrain throughout the Bible. Today in my daily time spent with the Father, I read Psalm 50:15: “Trust me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory” (NLT).

This verse doesn’t say, “work harder in your times of trouble” or “go to counseling in your time of trouble” or “run to all your friends for their support in times of trouble” or “feel sorry for yourself in times of trouble” or a thousand other things humans tend to do in times of trouble. (None of those things are necessarily wrong, of course, and they can help, but none of them are the primary places to whch we should turn.) God keeps it simple. “Trust me in your times of trouble.” His promise is twofold: He will rescue you and me and, when he does, you and I will give him glory because he did it.

God will rescue me. That’s his promise, and I believe him. My part is simply to trust him. And when he does rescue me, it will be because he has done something only he could do! That’s the only way for him to receive glory! If the transformation happens because I did something, or it can be accredited to a counselor or pastor or book or whatever or whoever else, then they will receive the credit and glory. God is not a credit hog, but he is very interested in getting all our worship–all our worship! God will use other people and other things in his process, but he is Jehovah Jireh. He is the one who brings real transformation of the heart and mind. He deserves the glory!

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And he will receive it.

I’d love to hear your feedback. in what are you trusting God these days? How are you seeing him rescue you? (Tell us your story!) How is he receiving glory through it?

In what ways do you struggle with this? Why is it so hard to trust God step-by-step?

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