The Incredible Benefits of Wisdom: Day 2 of Proverbs

Today: Proverbs 2

This chapter lays out the HOW for getting wisdom, WHO gives it, WHY we need it, WHAT happens when we seek and gain it, and WHAT the benefits are for having it in our lives.

A couple questions to consider in this passage:

1. How important is it to get wisdom?
2. Where does wisdom come from?
3. What are all the benefits of gaining wisdom? (vv. 9-19)

Wisdom is described as a path we choose to walk on. The word path or way is used about 100 times in Proverbs. You and I have a choice today: to walk on the path our Creator has layed out for us, the path of Wisdom, or to take a shortcut and go our own way, to lean on our own understanding, to think we know a better way. The former leads to life. The latter leads to destruction. Our loving Heavenly Father created a path for us to take that leads to him, but he also created us with freewill so that we can decide.

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What’s your chjoice today?

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