WANTED: Wise Leadership! Proverbs 11

Today: Proverbs 11 

Without wise leadership, a nation falls; with many counselors, there is safety (Proverbs 11:14, NLT). 

As we head toward Election Day in the United States, this proverb has never been more vital! Both sides would argue that they are wise leaders and their opponent is not. Their policies are wise and the other candidate’s are unwise. This proverb has wider implications for us however.

Without wise leadership a ____ falls.

You can substitute just about anything for nation–family, church, small group, business, self–and it’s true. Wise leadership is vital.

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The first four vital signs of a healthy group (from my book Small Group Vital Signs) are about wise leadership: (1) a healthy group understands that Christ is the real leader, (2) a healthy group has a healthy, growing, overflowing human leader, (3) a healthy group shares leadership with a core team, and (4) a healthy group is proactive; they have goals and plans. The last three of the seven vital signs only happen because the group has wise leadership!

Note that wise leadership is not a solo endeavor. “With many counselors there is safety.” Proverbs repeats this principle many times in different ways. Never lead alone. Never make a major decision without seeking the guidance of many wise, godly counselors. Never try to get through a crisis without the encouragement of good friends. Never try to break out of bondage without the accountability of some people you trust. Never lead a group or anything else by yourself.

What would you put in the blank for your life right now? Without wise leadership, what will fail? Do you need to step up and provide wise leadership?

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