Back to School … Attitudes and Choices

Today: Proverbs 15

Summer break is over for my three younger kids. This year, our youngest, Anna, starts high school. She is excited and anxious (worried she’ll get lost in the hallways). Sarah is a junior this year, and Dru is a senior. Both are focused on “what’s next” after they graduate: colleges and careers.

I woke up early and before waking them up, I read Proverbs 15. I immediately knew what today’s verse of the day would be:

The wise person makes learning a joy; fools spout only foolishness (Proverbs 15:2, NLT).

As we sat together at the kitchen table and they ate chocolate chip muffins and drank their Starbucks frappuccinos (special treat for the first day of school), I shared this verse with them and encouraged them to think about it today.

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My hope is that learning will be a joy for each of our kids this year! But this verse is not based on my hope. It’s based on their attitudes and choices. “The wise person makes learning a joy.” This will be a choice each of them will make each day. They can choose to say: “I hate school. I don’t like my algebra teacher. I don’t understand chemistry (Oops, that’s what I said in high school!). I’m bad in math. I’m going to get lost in the hallways……” Or they can choose to say: “My algebra teacher has some personality flaws, but I’ll have grace on her and focus on completing my assignments. Chemistry isn’t easy, but I’ll find a way to get this! I’ll find my way through the halls and there are plenty of people to help me if I need them.” You get what I mean.

This is not just about our kids, of course. As adults, our attitudes will often determine our outcomes. Maybe we need to go “back to school” to learn how to make better choices! Maybe we need to have other people, wise counselors, in our lives to show us the way and encourage us. Who are those people? How will I choose to respond to my challenges today?

What challenges are you facing today? How will you choose to respond? Do you need any attitude adjustments? Who will you talk to about this?

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