Call of Duty for Christ Followers

Today: Proverbs 20 

If you are a follower of Christ, war is not an option. You have a real enemy. You have a battle to fight. If you are not fighting now, it’s either because: (a) the enemy does not see you as a threat to him, (b) the battle is waging, but you are either unaware of it (most of us have not been very well educated about or equipped for this war) or you are simply pretending it’s not happening (which is perhaps the most dangerous position of all), or (c) the enemy is just waiting for an opportune time to strike.

Plans succeed through good counsel; don’t go to war without the advice of others (Proverbs 20:18, NLT).

On the surface, this verse is about a king’s wisdom to seek godly advice, especially in going into a literal, physical battle, where the stakes are literally life and death. It seems political leaders around the world could learn from this simple proverb!

But the same wisdom applies for us who follow Christ. As Christ-followers we have entered a spiritual battle. Jesus used this wisdom of seeking advice from others before going to war as a vivid illustration of “counting the cost” to follow him (Luke 14:31-33). If you are going to follow him, be prepared for a war!

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Over the last couple years, my family and I have been thrown into a full-scale battle. The enemy’s attacks are unmistaken and ferocious. I recognized the attacks and put on the armor of God, but, like too many Christians, I was not sure exactly how to wage this war. But I knew the stakes were very high, so I asked. First, I prayed (and still am praying), asking God not only for his strength and protection, but also for his wisdom to do this battle the right way. Second, I called and met with a number of wise Christian friends and counselors, who gave me the advice I needed to make difficult and strategic decisions along the way. I also knew these allies were and are praying constantly for me and my family. This battle is far from over, but I can see that God is clearly in control. The defeated enemy will not win me or my family over. The battle is the Lord’s, but he has put me in to fight with his strength.

If you are a Christ follower, you, too, have a battle with the enemy to fight. When you enter the battle for your life or your family, don’t fear. But don’t go it alone, either. Find your platoon of comrades to be by your side.

Where is the enemy attacking you or your family right now?
Who is in your platoon? Who is giving you godly advice?
Your friends are also fighting battles with the enemy. How can you stand by their sides?

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2 Thoughts to “Call of Duty for Christ Followers”

  1. This posting reminds me of the book "Radical." Continuous prayers for your family.

  2. Thanks, Andy. I haven't read Radical yet, but I guess I should!

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