The Purpose of Small Groups Is … ?

Why do people decide to get involved in a small group? Perhaps the real reasons are much deeper than we at first think.

This morning after my men’s group ended, my friend Jim and I sat and talked for another hour or so. He made a passing comment that really got me thinking about this.

“I got into this group as a part of my need to repent.”

What Jim meant is that he decided he needed to turn from running his own life and let God be in control of it, and as part of that he decided to join me and this group of men to start living God’s way. Yes, he knew this group would be a community that would help him understand and apply God’s Word. He knew we’d pray for him, encourage him, and hold him accountable when he asked us to. But his big-picture purpose was to repent. And this is an ongoing process.

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I believe Jim is right on target.

I’ve seen lots–LOTS–of people get into small groups for “community” or “Bible study.” And I don’t think those reasons are wrong, but perhaps they miss the bulls eye.

Healthy small groups of God’s people are instrumental in bringing life change … repentance … transformation.

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And that’s what it’s all about!

Or is it? What do you think?

One Thought to “The Purpose of Small Groups Is … ?”

  1. Yes, I agree! It is amazing how somber or negative the word 'repentence' is, but when explained as transformation or life-change it makes perfect sense. Two big 'thumbs-up' from me!

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