The Psalm of the No-Good Shepherd

This leader is the shepherd

I do not want.

He maketh me sit down on green love seats;

he leadeth me to meetings.

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He ignoreth my soul.

He leadeth me to complete my homework assignment—

It taketh three hours, for heaven’s sake.

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Yea, though I walk through the valley of downsizing and debt,

you are not with me.

Your wife and the church staff; they run from me.

You preparest a table of fattening foods before me.

You are my enemies.

My blood’s about to boil;

My disappointment overflows.

Surely your incessant e-mails will follow me all the days of my life;

And I shall dwell in this lousy group forever!

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“The Psalm of the No-Good Shepherd” was originally published in my book, I’m a Leader … Now What? How to Guide an Effective Small Group (Standard Publishing, 2007), p. 47.


4 Thoughts to “The Psalm of the No-Good Shepherd”

  1. LOL! That's great Mike! I laugh because there is some unfortunate truth in that Ps 23 re-mix: He ignoreth my soul. Ouch! Lord help us! Looking forward to the future posts…

  2. Thanks, Mason. I had a post ready for today and decided to take the day off from the blog. Didn't have the heart. I think I'll wait until Monday.

  3. Anonymous

    what happens if the small group leader has also been neglected by his own shepherd or leader above him ? how can he take good care of his sheeps if he himself has a alot of problems to go through alone..? jus wondering

  4. Anonymous

    I have another question Mike, i was quite ill couple of years ago and was not able to function as a small group leader properly. Throughout that period, my wife has been doing everything alone and has not received support nor encouragement from the cell group. As a result, she has this bitterness abt them that has not been settled. We are still in the same cell group but i sense that what happened during that period is preventing her from embracing the rest of the group fully.. what do you think can be done to breakthrough this situation ?

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