REVIEW: Let Hope In by Pete Wilson

Let Hope In
Hope. Someone—perhaps everyone—in your small group needs it, especially now. When I watch the news each day, I see tons of people who need it. When I talk to the men in my small group, each one needs it for different reasons. When I look at our family’s finances, health and health insurance, kids growing up into adults, family members and friends with cancer … and I could go on and on … I and my family need hope.
I’m reviewing several different small group studies this month to provide you with some good new options for your group in 2014.  Today I want to tell you about Let Hope In, a six-week study by pastor and author Pete Wilson.
Pete Wilson is a senior pastor with a deep passion for small groups. His church, CrossPoint Church in Nashville, Tennessee, is seeing over 80% of those who show up for weekend worship services attending a small group. This doesn’t happen without a senior pastor who believes that life change takes place best in small groups and is willing to remind those in attendance at weekend worship services often that they need to spend time with other believers in a small group.
But Pete’s fervor for small groups doesn’t end with reminding people to join one, even teaching on the topic. Pete has also given his time and attention to writing this Bible study for small groups. Pete realizes that we’ve all blown it. In fact, he knows that if we stack up enough mistakes, shame, and regret, that any of us could be forever hindered by our past. But Pete realizes and tells us in this study that there’s hope—regardless of our history.
This six-session experience may be perfect for the first small group study of the year. And, if you want your whole church to realize the hope that God makes available, it can even be done as a church-wide campaign.
I really like the design and content of this study. It’s extremely easy to use, has great content to discuss, and includes excellent questions as you dig into Scripture and apply it to your lives together. Each session includes a “Live It Out” section that provides very specific ideas for putting what you’ve discussed into practice. The discussion guide also includes a very helpful Leader’s Guide that includes some optional follow up questions. (I always love these; I find that these follow up ideas often spark the best discussions!)
If you’re interested in learning more about Let Hope In or purchasing it for you and your group, CLICK HERE!


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