2013’s Most Influential Small Group Influencers

Well … maybe these are just my favorite influencers–the ones I like to read (books, articles, blogs) and hear speak. I’m sure I’m leaving several very influential people off this list. I apologize–I mean no disrespect.

I’m including places you can contact them so you can follow them too.

So, in alphabetical order . . .

  1. Scott Boren @mscottborenhttp://mscottboren.com
  2. Joel Comiskey @sovereigntyGod; http://comiskey.org
  3. Bill Donahue @bdonahue80http://drbilldonahue.com/
  4. Jim Egli @jimeglihttp://jimegli.com/
  5. Steve Gladen @SteveGladenhttp://www.smallgroups.net/
  6. Mark Howell @MarkCHowellhttp://www.markhowelllive.com/
  7. Rick Howerton @rickhowertonhttp://blogs.navpress.com/rickhowerton/My-Blog
  8. Josh Hunt @joshhuntnmhttp://www.joshhunt.com/
  9. Amy Jackson@AmyKJackson@SmallGroupscom;  http://www.smallgroups.com
  10. Andrew Mason @_AndrewSMason@SGChurcheshttp://www.smallgroupchurches.com/
  11. Ben Reed @benreedhttp://www.benreed.net/
  12. Allen White @allenwhitehttp://allenwhite.org/
I’m thankful for each of these folks and the ministry they provide. I’m also grateful to be a partner with them in God’s kingdom work!
So . . . who did I leave off? Add your own favorite small group influencers iun the comments!

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