Small Group Leadership TIPS of the Week – 10/14-23/2015

A new feature of Small Group Leadership is a TIP of the Day that I Tweet, post on the Small Group Leadership Facebook page, and post on  LinkedIn each Monday through Friday. (Follow Mike and Small Group Leadership by clicking on any of these links or the icons in the “Connect with Mike” box in the right column.)  I will compile these each Friday here.

I share these tips so that you can share them with your fellow small group leaders, coaches, and  group champions. Pass them on!

For this inaugural post, I’m actually sharing the Small Group Leadership TIPS of the last Week and a Half:

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Wednesday, 10/14/2015: Before you prepare your lesson plan, prepare your heart.

Thursday, 10/15: Keep your eyes on your group members, not on your study guide.

Friday, 10/16: Don’t fear stepping out of your comfort zone. Do something new.

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Monday,10/19: Be aware of, welcome, and trust the power of God’s presence as your group meets.

Tuesday, 10/20: To be a good shepherd, know where your sheep are spiritually. Spend time with each one. Ask questions. Care.

Wednesday, 10/21: Remember the 80-20 rule when leading discussion. You talk ~20%, including questions. Rest of group ~80%.

Thursday, 10/22: Jesus is present as you meet. No need to repeat prayer requests as if he wasn’t listening the 1st time.

Friday, 10/23: A good shepherd is a shepherd-developer. Share ldrship, b/c there are many more sheep who need a shepherd.

Which of these is your favorite tip this week? What and how will you implement one or more of these?

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