Small Group Leadership TIPS of the Week

Small Group Leadership TIPS of the past week as Tweeted, posted on the Small Group Leadership Facebook page, and posted on LinkedIn.

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Monday, 11/9: Don’t be selfie-obsessed. Resurrect compassion in your group. See vid by @craiggroeschel: 

Tuesday, 11/10: Focus your study on the Gospel-the death & resurrection of Jesus. It’s the #powertochangelives

Wednesday, 11/11: Ask group members where they see themselves spiritually and in other areas of life in 5 yrs. #2020vision

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Thursday, 11/12: How you love others in the group is WAY more important than how you facilitate your study.

Friday, 11/13: Want to make a real impact on lives of grp mbrs? Focus an entire meeting on encouraging one another.

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