Small Group Leadership TIPS of the Week(s): January 11-22, 2016

Small Group Leadership TIPS of the past 2 weeks as Tweeted, posted on the Small Group Leadership Facebook page, and posted on LinkedIn. (Last week I taught a one-week “intensive” Small Group Ministry and Discipleship seminary class at Cincinnati Christian University, and the week before that I was buried in preparing for it, so I’m catching up now!)

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Monday, 1/11/2015: Seek deeper vulnerability, but allow members to say “pass.” #authentic #community
Tuesday, 1/12: Encourage one another DAILY. Real community is more than a once-a-week thing. #authenticity

Wednesday, 1/13: Provide safe places to confess your sins to one another – 1:1, same-gender subgroup… #authenticity

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Friday, 1/15: After you ask question, wait full 6 seconds to give ppl time to respond. Thx, @micahodor

Monday, 1/18: Practice mutual discipleship. Encourage… Instruct… Admonish… Pray for… one another.

Tuesday, 1/19: Care for the ppl in the group God has given you, not b/c you must but b/c you’re willing. #1Peter5 

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Wednesday, 1/20: What do you study next? Answer as a shepherd, not a TV network programmer. 

Thursday, 1/21: When you pray together, spend time thanking God for all the ways he has and is answering your prayers. 

Friday, 1/22: Ask 1 member to keep and share a prayer journal that lists requests and how God answers them.

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