Small Group Leadership TIPS of the Week: February 8-12, 2016

Small Group Leadership TIPS of the past week as Tweeted, posted on the Small Group Leadership Facebook page, and posted on LinkedIn.

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Monday, 2/8: Focus your ldrshp on the Greatest Commandments: Love God; love people. Do these and you’ll be OK.

Tuesday, 2/9: Allow God’s love and message to be so much a part of you that it naturally overflows. #modelthelove

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Wednesday, 2/10: Be a Proverbs 3:5 leader; trust the Lord with all your heart. Don’t depend on your own understanding.

Thursday, 2/11: God is a God of process. Spiritual maturity takes time, patience, and a healthy environment.

Friday, 2/12: Lead as if God has placed each person in your group just as he wants them to be (1 Co 12:18) b/c he has!

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