Small Group Leadership TIPS of the Week: March 14-18, 2016

Small Group Leadership TIPS of the past week as Tweeted, posted on the Small Group Leadership Facebook page, and posted on LinkedIn.

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This week’s Small Group Leader TIPS focus on Rock ‘n Roll Wisdom for small groups.

Monday, 3/14: #1 on most vital chart: “Shower the people you love with love…” Thx @JamesTaylor_com #rocknrollwisdom

Tuesday, 3/15: “Teach your children well” (1John2) @CSNYofficial Thx to Brian A Smith. #rocknrollwisdom #modelthelove

Wednesday, 3/16: “Don’t Stop Believin'” in God & in group members! #rocknrollwisdom @JourneyOfficial Thx Steve Hendricks

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Thursday, 3/17: “Let ’em in!” Invite & welcome new ppl into your group. #rocknrollwisdom @PaulMcCartney #beopen #love

Friday, 3/18:  Make your love for lost ppl “URGENT.” #rocknrollwisdom @ForeignerMusic #GreatCommission #itsurgent

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