Small Group Leadership TIPS of the Week for May 23-27, 2016

Here are last week’s Small Group Leader TIPS as Tweeted, posted on the Small Group Leadership Facebook page, and posted on LinkedIn.

This Week’s Theme: Small Group Life this #Summer

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Monday, 5/23: Do not give up meeting together this #summer. Plan now. Be flexible. Be intentional.

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Tuesday, 5/24: Use calendar to block off vacations, etc. and plan when you’ll meet and what you’ll do thru #summer.

Wednesday, 5/25: This #summer meet outdoors as much as possible. And move outward as a grp as well. #serve #invite

Thursday, 5/26: Use #summer as springboard for fall. #Party. #Eat. #Invite. Develop friendships. Develop new ldrs.

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Friday, 5/27: Be #intentional this #summer. #Pray tog. for how God will use u to reap a #harvest this fall. #mission

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