Small Group Leadership TIPS of the Week for June 20-24, 2016

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Here are last week’s Small Group Leader TIPS as Tweeted, posted on our Small Group Leadership Facebook page, and posted on LinkedIn.
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Monday, 6/20: Often the best way to disciple ppl is to get them out of their comfort zones for Jesus. #countthecost

Tuesday, 6/21: One of the best ways to build real community is to serve together as a group. #insideout

Wednesday, 6/22: Set the tone for appropriate transparency. Leaders must prayerfully and boldly model this.

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Thursday, 6/23: Developing transparency in your group begins with your transparency with God. #overflow #realcommunity

Friday, 6/24: Before you can be an authentic, transparent group, you must be a trusting group that keeps confidentialities.

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