Small Group Leadership – New & Improved

You may (or may not) have noticed I haven’t posted anything new on the blog for a couple weeks.

It’s for a great reason: I’ve been working on a new & improved website, including a new hosting company, new platform, new mission statement, new logo, new tagline, easier to navigate pages and blog posts (all in one place), a new small group store, more free resources … and much, much more.

The reason for all this is simple: to serve small group leaders much better.

As of writing this post, about 80-90% of this new site is up and running now, and we’ll be doing more work on it behind the scenes over the next couple weeks. By the way, the logo at the top of this page is only a placeholder for now. The real logo will look really cool!

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Today, I want to unveil two things:

First, our new mission statement:

Small Group Leadership exists to equip ordinary people to courageously lead extraordinary small groups.

That says a lot:

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Our target audience is “ordinary people,” that is, regular group leaders, members who are sharing in leadership, and members who share in the ownership of the group. I will continue to help small group ministry leaders (small group point leaders, ministers, pastors, directors, etc.), but I know the best way I can help them is to provide great resources and equipping for leaders.

I believe it takes courage to step up, get out of your comfort zone, and maybe even take a risk in faith to lead a group well.

How does an ordinary person lead an extraordinary small group? It starts with the leader’s heart, staying connected to Jesus so he can simply, yet powerfully, overflow into your group and then outside your group.

God has called me to use the experience, understanding, and gifts he has given me to equip people to carry out his mission. It’s an act of stewardship.

Second, this leads to our new tagline:

Helping small group leaders overflow

I believe God will do extraordinary things through ordinary people and groups who simply OVERFLOW. I will provide equipping, resources, and coaching to partner with God and you in that pursuit.

So … what do you think of the new site? Any suggestions for improvements?

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