Small Group Leader TIPS of the Week: July 18-22, 2016

Small Group Leader TIPS of the Week
Here are the Small Group Leader TIPS for the last week as Tweeted, posted on our Small Group Leadership Facebook page, and posted on LinkedIn.

Monday, 7/18

Get out of the comfort zone of people just like you. Click To Tweet

Tuesday, 7/19

Study John 17:20-23 & ask God to make this happen thru your grp. Click To Tweet

Wednesday, 7/20

God gave us the 'ministry of reconciliation.' So go and be reconcilers. Click To Tweet

Thursday, 7/21

Seek to radically love people who are different from you. Click To Tweet

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Friday, 7/22

Like Jesus and his disciples, choose to cross cultural barriers. Click To Tweet


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QUESTION: As you can tell, all these tips deal with reconciliation. See my blog post on this topic HERE. What are some things your group is doing to bring racial or any other kind of reconciliation in the world? Please leave a comment by clicking the Comment bar below.

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