Small Group Leader TIPS of the Week: July 25-29, 2016

Small Group Leader TIPS of the Week

Here are the Small Group Leader TIPS for the last week as Tweeted, posted on our Small Group Leadership Facebook page, and posted on LinkedIn.

Monday, July 25

This week discuss and set w/ group 1-3 God-sized goals for the next 3-6 mos. #TIP #goals Click To Tweet

Tuesday, July 26

As you set group #goals and plans, be sure they are God's, not just yours. (Prov 16:3; 19:21). #TIP Click To Tweet

Wednesday, July 27

Who is main character in your small group story? You? Needy person? Make God main character! #TIP Click To Tweet

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Thursday, July 28

Making God main character in small group narrative chgs everything + everyone! #ChristCentered #TIP Click To Tweet

Friday, July 29

Put your goals, plans, + strategy (the how) in writing. Use it as your #roadmap. #TIP #covenant Click To Tweet

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QUESTION: What goals and plans is your group making for this fall? Please leave a comment by clicking the Comment bar below.

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