Review: Youth in Cell Ministry: Discipling the Next Generation Now, by Joel Comiskey

Youth in Cell Ministry - Joel ComiskeyI recently reviewed Joel Comiskey’s book, Youth in Cell Ministry: Disciplining the Next Generation Now, on Amazon. Here’s the review:

When I teach my “Small Group Ministry & Discipling” Class at Cincinnati Christian University, I often have students who are in or going into youth/student ministry. They are often looking for how they can utilize groups or use them better in their ministries to the youth in their church. I do my best to steer them the right way, but my experience is almost wholly with adults in groups ministry.

I am incredibly thankful for Joel Comiskey’s new book, Youth in Cell Ministry: Discipling the Next Generation Now. It provides both the theological underpinnings for ministry to youth but also, and importantly, provides very practical methods for ministering well to youth in cells. (By the way, while the book uses the “cell church” and “cell group” nomenclature, the content is relevant for any forms of group life in the church.)

I’ve read nearly every book Joel has written, so I’m not surprised how well crafted this book is. I especially like the storytelling he uses. We learn from churches around the world who are not only ministering to youth, but seeing radical transformation and leadership development that leads to natural multiplication.

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I will add this book to my class syllabus as recommended reading for students interested in youth ministry. I also highly recommend it for anyone doing student ministry.

See the review on Amazon and purchase your copy or copies by clicking here.

Read more about Joel Comiskey and his international ministry, The Joel Comiskey Group, here.

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