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Small Group Charades

Tonight we began our small group meeting playing a game of charades as an icebreaker. Guys vs. girls. Girls won. Lots of laughing. Good times. Then we discussed three Scripture passages, looking at them to answer the question, “Why do we meet as a small group?” Read through these yourself, reflecting on that same question for your group: Hosea 6:6 …

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Should Christian Leaders Set Goals?

One of my hallmarks of a healthy small group is Goals and Plans: The group has a written “Action Plan” that includes a mission, goals, expectations, ground rules, etc. I’ve written about goals, plans, wins, and intentionality often in my posts at www.smallgroupleadership.blogspot.com. (Go there and see labels for “goals and plans,” “group health,” “intentional,” and “win.”) Obviously, I believe …

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Stop Recruiting!

When you as a leader look around your spheres of influence, you’ll probably notice that the opportunities usually far outweigh your resources. So what do you do? The Best Leader Ever made it simple: “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”  – Matthew 9:37-38 For …

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Training SG Leaders

Responsibilities, Resources, and Reasons in Small Group Ministry

Where is the bar set for our small group leaders? At Northeast, I’m always looking for unschooled, ordinary people who have been with Jesus (Acts 4:13). The expectations bar is very low in regards to their current knowledge and skills, but it is higher in regards to their heart for Jesus. I’m praying and looking for leaders after God’s own …

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“For a Cause or for Christ?” (Repost of Heather Zempel Blog)

I’ve been talking about the first sign of a healthy small group. It must be Christ-centered. Heather Zempel (at right) put it so well in her blog November 23. Check it out: “The disciples didn’t lay their lives down for a cause but for a person.” That’s how Dave Buehring kicked off his talk on the Ways of God at …

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